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Incontinence Issues?

January 23rd, 2016

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We got Harley more pain meds that should last us at least another six days so that we can see what she’s doing…

She wasn’t hungry when we tried to tempt her with her medically laced food last night, but after leaving it down we found in the morning she had licked a line straight through the middle of the food where the meds were hidden over night. She came out of “Fort Cat” for the first time in a few days on her own and snuggled me on the mattress this morning, purring away and looking for chin scratches. We felt pretty good about it as we left to take Mushu to his grooming appointment, leaving another plate of food with her next dose in it.

I was a little disheartened when we got home, found her back in Fort Cat and another pee spot on the mattress. She had used the litter box over night… so I’m really not sure what’s going on… I’m kind of chalking it up to the fact that she didn’t get as much of the morning dose as we would have hoped, because typically she eats once per day and she didn’t get far into the bowl where we hid everything… But I’m starting to worry if there are other issues… She hasn’t had a full-on poo since the enema, although she had some slight diarrhea streaks on her little cat bed that she’s been using this morning. She hasn’t been making dents in her dry food, it’s mostly still wet, so I feel like this could be just her system getting going again or maybe her constipation is a reaction to the antibiotics??

The vet also called while we were out to check on her and see how she’s doing… stating that they were curious about why she would need more meds, so of course that freaked me out a little too….

Has anybody had any experience with these issues??? This is the most deflated I’ve felt since before her amputation, and she seemed to be doing so well before the first set of pain meds wore off…. I don’t know if I should be more worried? Peter of course is trying to get me to calm down, stating that she’s had a rough week or two, and she’s still adjusting to this new life… but I’m the worrying sort… :-/ If she wasn’t still eating and looking for cuddles I’d think it was serious… but I just don’t know…. Staples are still coming out on Thursday and we’re done with her antibiotic on Monday… I just keep crossing my fingers and hoping that everything will straighten itself out… I have to keep reminding myself that she’s really only a week and a day or two post-op and that I’m pushing for her to be better immediately when there still may be quite a road ahead….. Any advice or suggestions are really welcome today… I’m feeling really low… 🙁

Pictures of Fort Cat to follow at some point… forgot they were on Hubby’s phone not mine…

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One Week a Tripawd! :)

January 22nd, 2016

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Harley has hit the one week mark today!! Her  wound looks a little better each day, and she continues to make strides toward a happy three-legged kitty life! 🙂

The enema side effects have finally subsided, and the poor baby was exhausted for a little while once everything finally tapered off! Thanks to all those who shared our concern and jubilation when she finally let it go! 🙂

Today I think was a little rough for her though in terms of pain management. When we got home from work, Harley appeared fine on our first visits, but then while I was preparing dinner she began crying. I ran upstairs and found that she had peed on the mattress that we’ve been using for her. This was alarming as well as unusual, because she has not missed or failed to use her litter box yet. I sat in the room with her for a little bit, and she was hesitant to walk or move (also unusual) and her inner eyelid was showing much more than it has been. She ate a few kitty treats, so no weird appetite things, and she also played with her mouse-on-a-string toy for a few minutes, but after we stopped it seemed to hit her again. She and Mushu sat at the gate, nose to nose and cried at each other for a little while… as he was very upset that she’s feeling off.


Mushu: Momma! What’s wrong with my Sister Kitty??

Harley: Mum…. Why is he crying?? I’m the one in pain here??

At the moment, she’s curled up next to me sleeping soundly as I write up my weekly progress reports on my students. She woke up at one point to groom herself a bit and now she’s snoring… so I think that the pain is coming in waves…. Peter, thankfully having had some personal experience with major surgeries, reminded me that since her pain meds ran out on Monday that they’ve now had time to fully flush out of her system and start setting in, which helped me to calm down and not throw her in the carrier to rush to a 24 hour vet….


Typing Progress Reports…

I’m going to call the vet tomorrow morning and see if he can give her a low dose for the next few days to manage what she’s feeling… Poor baby 🙁

My question to anyone out there reading is what sort of supply your vets gave you in terms of pain medication? Harley had three days worth, and I questioned this amount for a bit, and now I know we have to get it back in check so that she can continue making the progress we want her to make. What have your experiences been?


Love, love, love my baby girl! <3

Day ???

January 21st, 2016

Okay I do actually know what number day it is, but yesterday and today seemed like such a blur that I’m gonna combine the two…

Yesterday Harley got her drain taken out at the vet! He actually said she’s looking really well, much better than he thought she would and that he’s impressed with how well we’ve been keeping her incision cleaned up and her drain area clean. We’ve also managed to find a way to get her meds into her without too much of a fuss so we know she’s getting her dosage of antibiotics (thank God!)! She’s off the pain meds too and isn’t complaining or showing any signs of lingering discomfort which is great!

The only issue he wasn’t happy with was the lack of poo… Which I posted about before. He did a rectal exam and pulled out a pretty hard chunk, and stated that he was going to give her an enema to get things moving along based on how compacted that one piece was.

Well it was a darned good thing I took that day off of work too, because not two minutes into our car ride home and the silly thing kicked in! I was so happy I had layered towels in her carrier, as I was able to keep her from getting it all over herself, as she went three times on the way home, and then rushed into her box as soon as she got out of the carrier. She must have gone eight times yesterday at least… the poor thing was all bound up! Luckily, after the first four she must have been feeling much better as she proceeded to gobble down whatever food we could give her, and then cried at the gate for more just before bed! She definitely has her appetite back in full now that she’s not all backed up! 🙂

We also cleaned her and the room up a bunch because of leakage problems… we’d been layering old sheets and blankets on the mattress and swapped those out a bunch as needed, cleaning her up as best we could with warm water and a mild soap then cleaned off with regular water and then a pat dry. We are not taking any chances with infection or anything funky getting in the way of her healing process, and she seemed happier for it….

Fast forward to today, and I had to return to work. My students were thrilled to see me and asked how Harley was doing so I showed them a few pictures pre-surgery so they wouldn’t get all freaked out. Of course on the inside I was dying and wanted to know how she was doing every minute of the day, but thankfully Peter was able to check in on her for me and he happily reported that the effects of the enema had apparently ended and she was resting peacefully during the day. We’ve even begun taking her cone off while we’re sitting with her and watching her so she has a little freedom. She’s quite content to groom the areas that we allow her to and then curl up upside down for some good nap time!

On top of getting up an hour early to make sure I could get her her meds and clean her up from residual effects from last night, and then working with my 24 crazy students all day I am wiped… We figure give her another good thorough cleaning for any of the stuff we missed, give her her round of antibiotics and clean her wound a little then let her call it a night. Now that the enema is done, we’re going to start her on some basic physical therapy stuff like adding the box spring under the mattress on the floor to give her something to either jump or use the ramp to get to. We’re also going to see if we can get her to play with some of her stuff again at night, considering she has a bunch of time during the day to rest and recuperate! 🙂

Very happy with how baby girl is doing!!! She’s really back to her usual self, minus a little more caution in learning how to navigate her world…. Staples come out at the two week mark! Then she’s unstoppable! 🙂

The Day Mushu Figured It Out…

January 19th, 2016

20160117_114141       Just resting on Momma’s Toe…

Today, Mushu finally got a good look at what had happened to his Sister Kitty…

Last night we picked up the wet food to see if Harley really was eating at night because her nibbles were minuscule. This means that this morning we woke up to a VERY angry cat, laying at the gate in front of her door and crying out the injustice of hunger to the world. Mushu of course took it in turn to gallop his floppy self to the gate and take a good nose-to-nose sniff…

And then came the: What the hell?!?! Why do you smell like blood?

He moved to the other end of the gate so he could get a good look… took another good sniff… Next was the: Wait… why is your butt shaved… WHERE THE HELL IS YOUR LEG?? and then all hell broke loose.

He was crying, she was crying, Peter was showering for work, I was running up and down the stairs preparing food and pain medication and trying to beat back the shih-tzu who so desperately wanted to see his poor Sister.

Mushu has spent most of the day crying at the gate, desperate to get into the room and help his sister, and has been rather angry with me all day for a. not letting him in, and b. what I must have done to her.

This became extra comical, as we realized that Harley could give a crap that Mushu was upset and proceeded to ignore him to the largest extent.

I sat in with Harley for a little while today, Mushu sat at the gate… crying intermittently every half hour, just when you had gotten to the point where you forgot he was there staring at you…

I gave Harley her antibiotic (got it all down today!!) and he cried bloody murder that I was sitting-on/hurting his cat. Even more so when I began swabbing her drain, regardless of if Harley complained or not.

20160118_071911 Nom Nom Nom…20160118_071919 On closer inspection of the gate…

Harley meanwhile managed to tunnel under the blankets, thereby squiggling out of her soft cone, and starting another one of her favorite habits, which involves lying under blankets for hours in a kitty burrito mode. For her to scoot under the blankets like this indicates to us that she’s feeling pretty comfortable, and although we aren’t seeing her moving too much that she is quite capable of doing so, which is promising. We figure over the next few days, once the drain is out (tomorrow!) and she’s it her 1 Week Amputee mark that we’ll reintroduce some of the bigger elements that she might need to climb or navigate small steps for.

20160118_130318 Hm… where did she go…20160118_130343 Nothing suspicious here Mum!20160118_130421 Found the cone after a little more digging.

In the meantime… we also have to console the dog… *sighs*

20160118_181644 Not as angry a few after the cone was put back on…20160117_135226 But these two tho’… <3

A Rather… Awkward Question

January 18th, 2016

I keep trying to remind myself that Harley hasn’t had much to eat other than a lot of liquid diet foods… and she’s passing urine which is great… but when should we expect her to poo??

We’ve given her some solid treats and she’s taken nibbles of some more solid wet food like Fancy Feast and her dry kibble but so far not a single ounce of evidence toward the numero 2!

When did any of your cats start to regulate their lower GI tract again?! I’m almost tempted to force feed her some bran and see if she’s bound up… (not really…. she would hate me more than when I give her her meds…) 😛

Hubby keeps telling me not to worry about her so much, and that she’s going to go at her own pace and her own time (which she does) and that she’s doing fine (which she is) but I’m so mother hen about this stuff… Literally and figuratively… I’m the same way with Mushu and our chickens…