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A Quick Update….

March 15th, 2017

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I realize that it’s been a while… but we’ve hit kind of a special occasion and thought I would throw some thoughts out there for anyone considering amputation or worrying about it…

This beautiful little fuzz butt is over a year post op…. and we missed the ampuversary announcement because hubby and I found out that we are expecting our first little human baby to join all our fur and feather babies! That being said… we waited until now to update everyone on miss Harley because Friday will be her second birth post-op!!! Harley will be turning 11 on St. Patrick’s Day… and she is one lucky cat indeed! Her 10th and 11th birthdays would not have happened if we had not considered amputating her back leg that was riddled with osteosarcoma. We did what we had to do to help her out, and we are so glad that we did!

Harley is living the dream life with her dog brother (who she secretly loves to cuddle), lizard and chicken sisters, and will soon have a baby human to pal around with! Her favorite activities include eating, sleeping either under our bed covers or in a nice sunny spot, and lately joining us out on our new deck during the nice weather for some cuddle time. Luckily she is pretty scared of nature considering she has always been an indoor cat, so she doesn’t go anywhere but back inside… especially when the chickens hide under the deck and call to her… 😛

In case anyone is wondering about quality of life for this little beauty on three legs… she treats life as if it hasn’t changed in the slightest! We bought a tiered cat condo on which to put her food (so she wouldn’t have to climb crazy things and her brother wouldn’t eat everything on her…) but she prefers to come up onto our bed for a cuddle before jumping flying squirrel style to the condo. She still likes to chase around the laser pointer… hooking her back toes into the carpet and rolling/zooming all around and through our coffee table. She has adjusted and made full use of the litter boxes that we have placed on both levels of our home, and she loves to sleep on mine or hubby’s bellies at night (more hubby’s than mine now that baby is coming!). With her fur all grown in, you can’t even tell that she is missing a leg… she has rounded back out nicely!

When her vet retired in November, he gave her a clean bill of health upon her final examination and proclaimed her a very lucky little cat! She is a perfectly happy little purball… and given the chance we would make the same decision again and again and again to have her this happy and healthy and in our home! Now I have to go as somebody is craving my attention and is pushing my laptop off my lap! 🙂

We went from a three months tops prognosis to over a year and counting… consider making that choice for a pet you love! It’s definitely worth the shot!

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