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We Can Officially Do the Dance!!!

January 31st, 2016

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Our strategy yesterday was to leave Harley alone for the most part and only check in as needed. We gave her the pain meds, left her food down and then let her be and magically this morning…… THERE WAS A POOP!!!! Baby girl finally went all by herself!!!!! 😀

She seems mighty relieved: drinking lots of water, eating some food and came out from under Fort Cat for some Mommy play time, scratches and playing with her scratching board thing! She even sat and gave Mushu her disdainful stare as he sat at the gate and cried! We’re not going to pump her up with pain meds as she’s very lucid and moving around a bunch this morning.

We also began putting the room back together a little bit at a time to encourage more movement and exploration. She’s still wobbly on her back leg, but she was very interested in the bed frame and box spring being readded to the room and has been contemplating jumping up on the low table in front of the window. We figure that we’re going to open up the gate to the room while we go shopping this morning and let her explore some of the other upstairs rooms! 🙂

So excited that it looks like she’s back on the road to normalcy!!!!!! It was like a lead weight released itself off my shoulders and landed in the litter box! 🙂

Too bad that this now means we can go ahead and give her a small bath to help her reach those areas she hasn’t been able to fix yet…. I’m sure this will go over well… X-D

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Two Weeks a Tripawd! :)

January 29th, 2016

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!

Harley is officially two weeks into her new journey and had her staples removed today!!!!!! Peter and I were thrilled with this new endeavor, and she was incredibly happy to receive the green light to keep the cone of shame off FOR GOOD! We had been taking it off while we were supervising her to ensure she didn’t aggravate her incision area while it healed, but the vet said she looks impeccable and she can throw away that horrid horrid thing for ever!!! 🙂 It was unceremoniously thrown in the chute by our vet’s wife/office assistant who was very pleased to see her little friend cone-less! 🙂

The vet also alleviated the fears that have plagued me over the last few days since our latest constipation issue. He palpitated her stomach and stated that although she hasn’t gone for another four days (since the home-given enema) that she is clearly not bound up and it feels like there isn’t much in her to expel. He stated that at this point he isn’t worried, but gave her another enema to clean her out just to be safe. Poor girl is tired and resting at the moment, but she deserves it. The vet and his wife both agreed that she appears to be a very happy cat, and she has amazing strength for everything she has gone through lately! We’re going to keep giving her the Miralax that we finally got into her system and check in in a few days to see what’s what.

The incontinence issue has also become a thing of last week. Now that she’s been taking the new pain meds, she has only gone in the box! One issue solved! We can call the emergency vet tomorrow for the results of her lab culture and see if maybe she’s got a cold or something but otherwise she is happy, hungry and healthy and hoppin’!

We’re going to let her out around the top floor of the house tomorrow night, after we know the effects of the enema have thoroughly worn off and let her stretch her legs a bit! She was itching to get out of the room once we got home, and contemplated trying to jump the fence to sweet freedom! Thankfully, nature called again and she booked it to the box instead! 😛

All in all, I feel better knowing that she isn’t in any crazy danger at the moment (because of course everything you read online is gloom and doom and more surgeries and death) I really shouldn’t WebMD anything anymore. I can rest easy tonight knowing my girl is moving along appropriately and now she doesn’t have those horrible staples or cone to get her down! 🙂 Pics to come when she’s a little less…. messy. 😉

Feelin’ Better Photos

January 26th, 2016

Trying to catch up on some of the things we’ve missed!

20160118_181644  Feeling kinda cruddy a few days ago… Check out those tired eyes 🙁20160124_074801

So tired… can’t even eat my twizzler treat thing… 20160124_235946

Catchin’ some Zzzz’s waiting for the emergency vet…  20160126_185535

Fort Cat! That whiteish smudge inside is Harley…


Feeling so much better today, I came out for snuggles! 🙂

Crazy Weekend

January 26th, 2016

Hey Everyone!

Harley hadn’t gone by Sunday, so we decided to give her the enema at like 6:45 in the morning after a very sleepless night. Within seconds she was going… and then she went again a few hours later. She was still urinating outside of the box on occasion which was getting frustrating because we are trying to keep her and the room clean as much as possible.

Late Sunday night she began to get a funky glazed look in her eye, and she started freaking me out with how lethargic looking she was. Pete and I brought her to the 24 hour emergency vet that we had visited to get her ultrasound before surgery.

They checked all of her vitals with nothing out of the ordinary, ran some bloodwork that came back normal, a urinalysis that also came back unexceptionally normal, and stated that they think that due to the fact that she’s still eating (like a pig) and drinking plenty of water that she might be having trouble arching properly in the litter box due to pain and discomfort. They prescribed her a liquid gabapentin instead of the Tramadol tablets that we couldn’t get into her, and told us to start mixing some Miralax in her food. Left there around 1:00 in the morning, trundled home, gave her her new pain meds, watched her eat a portion of her food and then crashed for the next four hours until I had to get up for work.

Wake up for work and…. she’s looking bright eyed and eating (again) which is a good sign. No crying today and she used the litter box to pee. No sign of urination around the room for today which is a blessing in disguise… We must have done at least 16 loads of laundry by now to keep the blankets, sheets and towels clean for her. The vet also said not to worry about the fact that she’s a little messy at the moment… but to give her a day to destress and get the new meds in her system before trying to clean her up any more. Poor thing reeks of pee from laying in the same spots for a good portion of the day… but I am armed and ready with sensitive skin baby wipes and towels for tomorrow!

Staples come out on Thursday which will mark 2 weeks as a Tripawd for Harley! We’re hoping that with this new regimen we will see some improvement in her gastro-issues before then so that we can worry just about that appointment. (Starting to think she has IBS like her Mum… ug… :-P) Emergency vet also noted that while the rest of her looks a bit less than perfect, her wound area is impeccably clean and healing quite well so that was a plus. We’ve been keeping her cone off during the day while we’re home and can check on her, and she has been cleaning herself up without touching the incision site which is good.

Keeping my fingers crossed! I’ve been so worried about my baby I’ve been sending silent prayers to St. Francis for the last week! Pictures to come once I’ve caught up on my sleep… <3


Incontinence Issues?

January 23rd, 2016

We got Harley more pain meds that should last us at least another six days so that we can see what she’s doing…

She wasn’t hungry when we tried to tempt her with her medically laced food last night, but after leaving it down we found in the morning she had licked a line straight through the middle of the food where the meds were hidden over night. She came out of “Fort Cat” for the first time in a few days on her own and snuggled me on the mattress this morning, purring away and looking for chin scratches. We felt pretty good about it as we left to take Mushu to his grooming appointment, leaving another plate of food with her next dose in it.

I was a little disheartened when we got home, found her back in Fort Cat and another pee spot on the mattress. She had used the litter box over night… so I’m really not sure what’s going on… I’m kind of chalking it up to the fact that she didn’t get as much of the morning dose as we would have hoped, because typically she eats once per day and she didn’t get far into the bowl where we hid everything… But I’m starting to worry if there are other issues… She hasn’t had a full-on poo since the enema, although she had some slight diarrhea streaks on her little cat bed that she’s been using this morning. She hasn’t been making dents in her dry food, it’s mostly still wet, so I feel like this could be just her system getting going again or maybe her constipation is a reaction to the antibiotics??

The vet also called while we were out to check on her and see how she’s doing… stating that they were curious about why she would need more meds, so of course that freaked me out a little too….

Has anybody had any experience with these issues??? This is the most deflated I’ve felt since before her amputation, and she seemed to be doing so well before the first set of pain meds wore off…. I don’t know if I should be more worried? Peter of course is trying to get me to calm down, stating that she’s had a rough week or two, and she’s still adjusting to this new life… but I’m the worrying sort… :-/ If she wasn’t still eating and looking for cuddles I’d think it was serious… but I just don’t know…. Staples are still coming out on Thursday and we’re done with her antibiotic on Monday… I just keep crossing my fingers and hoping that everything will straighten itself out… I have to keep reminding myself that she’s really only a week and a day or two post-op and that I’m pushing for her to be better immediately when there still may be quite a road ahead….. Any advice or suggestions are really welcome today… I’m feeling really low… 🙁

Pictures of Fort Cat to follow at some point… forgot they were on Hubby’s phone not mine…